Hurricane Shutters

For property owners who live in coastal regions or areas with lots of tornados, storm shutters are essential for protecting your property. The main purpose of storm shutters is to protect the glass areas of your building (windows, doors, etc) from damage when hit by flying rubble. In a hurricane or tornado high powered winds whip across your building trying to pull the roof off. If a window breaks, these same winds rush inside and build up enormous air pressures within your building. The combination of internal pressure pushing up against the roof and ferocious external winds often results in the roof being sucked off.

In addition to shutters there are other steps you can take to prepare your home in case of an emergency. Consider stocking your house with an emergency kit and an emergency radio.

Hurricane shutters come in many forms and price ranges. The most comprehensive solution (and the most expensive) are Rolling Shutters. Less expensive options include Bahama Shutters, Accordion Shutters and Storm Panels.

Roll down security shutters

Rolling Security Shutters

Bahama Storm Shutters

Bahama Shutters

Accordion Shutters for home security

Accordion Shutters

Storm Panels - Hurricane and Tornado protection

Storm Panels

DIY Hurricane Shutters

DIY Hurricane Shutters

Motorized Window Shades

Motorized Window Shades